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Sales for Tiger Woods PGA Game Plummeting

Electronics Arts released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 last month, but sales for the video game are poor compared to sales from last year's version. reports that U.S. sales for Tiger Woods PGA were down 68 percent compared to last year's game, which was released in the same month.

Though there could be a number of reasons for the decline (last year's version shipped with Wii Motion Plus and this year's iteration isn't all that different anyway), Doug Creutz of Cowan & Company blames Woods' tumultuous personal life for the sharp drop, and even goes as far as to say the golfer's actions could have permanently damaged the franchise.

"Although this is probably due in part to the fact that last year's version shipped bundled with Nintendo's new MotionPlus controller, we are concerned that Woods' scandal woes may have permanently damaged the sales potential of what we believe to be EA's third most important sports franchise, behind Madden and FIFA," he wrote in a note to investors.

Would the Tiger Woods scandal put you off buying the game?

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