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Tesla's Model X Cr: Roomier Than a Q7, Faster Than a 911

Based on the Model S sedan, the vehicle offers three seating rows, space for seven passengers, promises the style of an SUV and functionality of a minivan that is paired with the acceleration capability of a Porsche 911.

A unique feature of the vehicle, which appears to have lifted some styling cues from Lexus, are its "falcon wing" doors. Similar in appearance to traditional gullwing doors, the doors have been evolved and fold into their place to minimize their space requirements in tight parking areas and garages. Like the Model S, the Model X will be offered in three different drive train configurations. The base model will come with single rear-wheel drive. A step above is a dual-motor version with propulsion for both axles. An all-wheel drive performance model will represent the flagship model, which Tesla said will reach 0-60 MPH in 4.4 seconds. Customers will be able to choose between two different battery packs, one of which will deliver a range of 200 miles and one that will deliver roughly 270 miles.

Tesla did not mention pricing, but if we believe the rumor mill, then Tesla aims to align the Model X with upscale luxury SUVs, especially the Porsche Cayenne. Porsche's SUV starts at $48,200 for the base 6-cylinder with 300 hp, at $69,000 for the Hybrid and tops out at $107,200 for the 500 hp Turbo. A fully decked out Cayenne Turbo can cost more than $150,000. Expect the Performance Model X to ring up at least $100,000.