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Super Bowl Outcome Predicted by Madden NFL 10

EA Sports' Madden NFL games are sure-fire blockbuster sellers thanks to their playability and attention to detail. We know that Madden NFL games are excellent at recreating the real life sport, but can the video game simulation predict real life outcomes? If an almost-perfect track record for the Super Bowl is of any indication – the answer is yes.

The Madden NFL 10 simulation of this year's Super Bowl matchup between the Saints and Colts played out as follows:

"The first three quarters display the offensive fireworks that both teams have become known for, with the Colts leading 24-21. A nail biting fourth quarter begins with a big play, courtesy of the Saints' special teams, when Reggie Bush returns a punt for a 42-yard touchdown. However, with minutes left in the game the duo of Joseph Addai and Peyton Manning put the Colts back on top with a go-ahead touchdown pass. With the game hanging in the balance, Drew Brees hits David Thomas for an 11-yard touchdown and the game winning score."

While the events of the game weren't accurate, the outcome of the Saint's victory was reflected in the real world. This improves Madden's Super Bowl predictions record since it started in 2004 to six and one. Madden NFL has corrected simulated the championship team in every year since 2004 except for the lone error in 2008.

Would you use video game sports to guide your sports betting?