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Father's Day Is June 18: Stope Stuff for Dads


As Father's Day approaches the time for selecting gifts for your dad grows shorter and shorter. MobilityGuru is ready to help you select the coolest of cool stuff for this auspicious occasion. Whether you're living on a beer or a champagne budget, we've got something your dad will love on his special day.

At the higher priced end you'll find laptop and notebook computers galore. There's one for dad in the mix, whether he's a road warrior, an office bound or work-at-home business man or someone who loves to play games or do the multimedia thing. Coming down a notch in price there are PDAs and PDA phones with enough features to master to keep dad busy for days. Finally, we've included a bunch of gifts for less than $100. We are sure you'll find something in this group that dad absolutely needs whether its a backpack for his laptop, a case for his iPod, a cool and highly portable stereo speaker system, the best wireless network finder around, or a unique pen-based computer.

We've reviewed some of the products in this story in detail in the past. Look for links to those reviews in this story. Now, have fun shopping MobilityGuru's Cool Stuff store!

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