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Millenium Falcon Drone Lets You Play Han Solo

Not only will Force Friday (Sept. 4) feature a BB-8 droid you can take home to sweep your floor's perimeter, but Disney and Air Hogs will release a detailed drone version of Han Solo's classic starship, the Millennium Falcon for $79.99. This take on the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy isn't the only Star Wars toy that will take flight on Sept. 4; an X-Wing starfighter drone will also be available for sale.

This Millennium Falcon isn't a bucket of bolts, though, but instead a more crash-proof quadcopter made of a "high density foam." That way it can navigate around (and crash into) other drones and even loved ones, without injuries that could turn people to the dark side.

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While the rolling BB-8 can project holographic video ala R2-D2, the foam Falcon and X-Wing seem to only be equipped to soar, and recreate whichever space chase you so desire. Both of the drones were revealed during an official Star Wars toy unboxing marathon that was livestreamed from various parts of the globe.

We hope its foam form will be as tough as advertised, so fans aren't screaming "Hold together!" after each collision.

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first drone to take the form of Han and Chewie's spaceship. Drone designer and Star Wars super fan Olivier C. has reproduced the Falcon, as well as the Imperial Star Destroyer and the TIE Fighter.