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Flying Hotel Concept Supposedly Eco-friendly

Console RPG fans are quite familiar with the team transport staple. When grinding before the final boss battle, the ability to move the entire team around the game world quickly is a useful one indeed. Instead of a team of heroes however, Thomas Rodemeier airship is designed for paying customers.

The conceptual airship—designed as a hovering hotel of sorts—is kept up by "lighter-than-air" gas. This means no energy is spent keeping it in the air, with more power on-hand to propel the craft forward. On the roof of this imagine aircraft are an array of solar panels, meant to power the interior luxuries designed to keep the customers happy. And since airships by their nature provide a lot of room, the amenities can be quite extensive. On the level of what's available on a high-end cruise ship, except that's in the air.

It all looks good, but we're not really sure if Rodemeier's design is as efficient as he claims though. Passenger-friendly airships fell out of use on the eve of World War II because, aside from the infamous Hindenburg accident, the money and manpower requirements for maintenance were simply too great. 

Airship Traveling five-star flying hotel powered by solar energy