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F1 Designer Debuts Ultra-Efficient One-Seater

You probably know the McLaren F1 as the fastest naturally-aspirated (read: no turbo) production car. Gordon Murray, one of the original designers of the F1, recently unveiled the T.25 Minicar. The Minicar's top-speed is only one-third of the F1's (240 mph), but enjoys a mileage of around 74 miles to the gallon.

Most of us shun carpooling and drive to work alone. Murray designed the T.25 with efficiency and congestion reduction in mind, by creating a vehicle with just enough room—by default—to transport one person. The T.25 is only 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, and weighs a relatively light 1,200 pounds. According to Murray's website, two of these cars fit into a standard UK highway lane side-by-side, while three of them can cram into one parallel parking slot.

The standard T.25 features only enough seating for the driver. However, as the interior is modular, space can be created for cargo and additional passengers. The center driver-seat configuration is similar to the F1's (McLaren's super car has seating for two behind the driver). The entire front cabin opens up like a fighter jet canopy, which make exiting the vehicle under rain a very wet affair.

So far, Murray's design team has kept detailed info on the T.25 to themselves—at least until next Monday. But we do know the T.25 will cost $9000 when it debuts. The car has an electric engine counterpart, the T.27, which promises an even better mileage of 80 to 100 miles to the gallon.

T.25 - The Facts