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Skype for iPhone Finally Available in Canada

Skype has been one of those applications for the iPhone that truly merges a communications software with a data-enabled device. Of course, out of the box on an unmodified iPhone, Skype can't do much in the way of VoIP calls when away from Wi-Fi; but those who jailbreak are able to enjoy the calling service even while on the cell network.

Up until today, however, Canadian iPhone users have been unable to download and install Skype from their iTunes accounts due to a problem with government regulations. Whatever barriers were in place keeping Skype off of the Canadian iTunes App Store are now gone, meaning that everyone in the Great White North can get their Skype on by clicking here (opens in iTunes/App Store).

Now, about getting push notifications integrated into Skype for iPhone…

  • Platypus
    Skype has a good thing going, and I put a lot of effort into researching their services to see if it would fit my needs, but I have an issue getting my phone service from a company that has no phone contact information. All of your questions and complaints are handled on their forums, and it takes a minimum of 4 days to get a response from someone within the company.
  • johnny_5
    Yay for us Canadians, I guess. But I don't have an iPhone and never will.
  • virtualban
    That's why all other phone makers and providers have a chance to become iPhone killers if they really want that... jailbreaking the thing just to do what it can and should do...
  • scryer_360
    Hmm... does the iPod Touch have a microphone built in? If so, couldn't you jailbreak the iPod Touch to work with Skype?
  • SneakySnake
    ? I'm canadian and I've had this for months on my iPhone
  • gamerjames
    I can't see why an iPod touch would have a microphone. I have a Touch but I am not even sure if it has one >_
  • jerther
    SneakySnake? I'm canadian and I've had this for months on my iPhoneDid it come preinstalled?
  • xyster
    "Now, about getting push notifications integrated into Skype for iPhone…"


    My next phone will be an android phone Im starting to think. The iPhone was ahead of the game when it first came out, providing a novel experience that was unrivaled, but now its artificially-imposed limitations are catching up with it. Screw that nazi-esque app store; screw having to jailbreak to get control of your own device; screw iTunes; and screw not having multi-tasking.
  • Andraxxus
    ^ You have a nice name.How do we write it :lol:
    And on topic: good for them.