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How To: Manage Your Identity Online Through SEO

A Beginner SEO Guide: Googling Your Name

Google yourself. Do you like what you see? Whether you want to brand your name for career purposes, clean up your search results when looking for a new job, or just take control of those top 10 dirty details that pop up when a blind date looks you up, we've come up with five basic steps that, if you implement them, will set your search results in the right direction.

Disclaimer: It would be great if we knew everything about the exact Google algorithm and exactly what you'd need to do to get one result sunk and another floated to the top, but we don’t. No one does. This is the single most studied and researched system of the Internet age, and we all try our best to understand it and make it work to our advantage. The results our readers get by implementing our suggestions will be different for everyone and could be based on a variety of factors including how common your name is, where you live, how often you update your sites, how many people visit those sites, and how lucky you are. After all, since all the details of Google's algorithm aren't known, there's a bit of mystery and magic to search engine optimization. You could call it an art.