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Seiki 4K Monitor Mixes Business and Pleasure

LAS VEGAS — Since 2015 is primed to be the year when 4K TVs pervade the popular consciousness, there's no reason why computer monitors should demand any less. Display manufacturer Seiki will give consumers a choice of two full 4K monitors, both of which are ready to take on multimedia, productivity and gaming applications.

Seiki demonstrated its Seiki Pro 32- and 40-inch 4K monitors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, where I got a chance to see one in action. While the device's size makes it a bit cumbersome for many desktop applications (unless you have an enormous desk), it's just about the right size for a living-room setup, or a large office. The display looked good, although not markedly different from any other 4K peripheral on the market.

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As expected, the Seiki Pro supports resolutions up to 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. What's a little more novel is that users don't have to use all these pixels on a single application. The monitor can accept up to four different inputs and display each one in full 1080p, all adjacent to each other. Because the device accepts HDMI, DisplayPort, MHL, DVI and VGA inputs, users will have plenty of potential sources from which to choose.

As for why you would want a 4K monitor when relatively few programs take full advantage of 4K resolution, Seiki representatives informed me that the picture-by-picture mode was surprisingly useful. This is especially true in business sectors such as finance, where workers need to process a lot of disparate information in real-time.

Gaming is also a potential use for the monitor, since living-room PCs and 4K games are on the rise. As of right now, however, relatively few games support the resolution, and most graphics cards are not powerful enough to support it while running at full clip.

The Seiki Pro will launch in the early part of 2015. The company has not yet announced any pricing information.

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  • jakjawagon
    VGA in 2015?
  • Neog2
    The RETURN OF PIP well sort of. But this is a feature that should never have been removed from Tv's and I always wanted it on monitors I had.