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Gaming Notebooks Compared: Eurocom SLI Emperor, Eurocom F-Bomb and Dell M1710

The Review In A Nutshell

Most of the information about the Eurocom M590K Emperor is presented in three annotated picture galleries that you can access on this page. Information that doesn't lend itself to picture galleries is included in this short article. For a complete view of the M590K and some of its competitors, read this article and view the three picture galleries.

At over 14 pounds and nearly 18.5" wide, Eurocom's M590K Emperor is a massive barely luggable notebook computer. TG Publishing's Sebastian Veltze and Humphrey Cheung took the M590K to a local Starbucks just to see how well it would fit on one of the coffee seller's smaller tables. As you can see it was a tight fit with just inches left for a Venti Ice Blended Mocha Frappuccino.

But, don't look down your nose at the M590K's hugeness. Size does buy a lot. It takes some size to stuff a 19" diagonal display and a near excellent keyboard into a notebook computer. The M590K's size also allows lots of room for connectors and such; for example there are five USB 2.0 ports, a DMI high definition video port and two S-Video ports. And without serious space there'd be no room for two SLI-linked Nvidia GeForce Go 7800 GTX graphics processors.

Picture Galleries

The comparative performance charts picture gallery includes the M590K and two other higher end graphics notebooks MobilityGuru has reviewed, Eurocom's D900K F-Bomb and Dell's XPS M1710. Tests include 3DMark05, Doom 3, Black & White 2, F.E.A.R. and PCMark05.

While the M590K is designed to optimize graphics performance, its CPU is a less than stellar performer compared to its sibling the D900K notebook and Dell's XPS M1710 notebook. This is relevant only when doing tasks that require heavy CPU activity. Modern graphics programs let a computer's graphics processor(s), as opposed to its CPU(s), do as much of the graphical heavy lifting as possible. You'll see this as well as where the M590K's two SLI-linked Nvidia graphics processors shine in the comparative performance charts picture gallery.

Picture Gallery Eurocom M590K Emperor Comparative Graphics Performance Charts

To see the exterior of the Eurocom M590K Emperor, check out the picture gallery below. It includes photos of the notebook from a number of angles and a discussion of all the input and output connectors on the M590K. Thanks to Sebastian Veltze for the photos.

Picture Gallery Eurocom M590K Emperor Exterior Views

For pictures of the interior of the Eurocom M590K including a set of excellent photos of the computers's components as Sebastian Veltze disassembled the notebook, take a look at this picture gallery. Thanks once more to Sebastian for the photos.

Picture Gallery Eurocom M590K Emperor Interior Views

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