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Rode Podcaster USB Microphone

Rode Podcaster USB Microphone

With the invention of Internet radio and online communication portals came the need for a higher-quality microphone that enthusiasts at any level could easily learn to use, adapt to, and enjoy. The Rode Podcaster USB Microphone answers the call with high-quality sound bundled with true plug-and-play usability. This product combines a studio-grade handheld mic with a volume control button and a headphone jack. The Podcaster is a solid (and heavy) piece of equipment with a professional look and feel. This is no kiddy microphone—teenagers and college students with a self-expressive bent will appreciate the fact that they’re using the real deal.

Setting up the mic took a mere four minutes. We connected the USB cable to both the mic and our PC before letting the auto-installation process work on its own. The included user manual refers to additional software customization that can be obtained with an online download, but once we got to the Website, it was explained that recent upgrades to the software replaced the need for this add-on. We were then able to do everything we needed to without this component. Sound level can be adjusted with the mic volume control or through the editing software of your choice (we used Audacity in our tests), and after a few minutes of experimentation to determine how far away the mic should be held, we had our first test clip.

The Podcaster is a superb option for curious new podcasters and is all a student needs to get started with recording. Any headset with a standard jack plug can be used with this mic, which is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems, giving users a realistic taste of how they sound before and during recording.