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Back To School With Kid-Friendly Tech

Readingpen Basic and Readingpen TS

Readingpen Basic and Readingpen TS

Learning to read is the just the beginning of gaining a good grasp on language arts and the English language. With tools like the Readingpen Basic and Readingpen TS from WizCom Tech, students of all levels can get the extra help they need to learn new words, pronounce difficult ones, or even find the meanings and origins behind those they already know. We tested the Readingpen basic (designed for grade levels K-5) without too much difficulty, using the included pen “trainer” to keep it at the proper angle to scan words in books, magazines, and other printed materials. The pen, which is able to scan, read, and speak aloud from a variety of fonts and sizes, was easily “reading” without the trainer after just 15 minutes of use. However, younger students may find that keeping the trainer on will be vital to using it effectively.

Older students and adults will find the more advanced Readingpen TS to be the only language aid they need when navigating tricky texts and while preparing for the language portion of such tests as the ACT and SAT.  With a unique English-to-Spanish translation mode, a handy touch-screen display, and the ability to upload to a PC, this grown-up version of the original Readingpen makes reading comprehension possible for most struggling adult students. The TS also comes loaded with a good number of reading, spelling, and comprehension games. 

Both pens are available at the WizCom Website for $229 for the Readingpen Basic and $279 for the Readingpen TS.