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It's a Truck, USB Hub, and Card Reader

Roll out with this one-of-a-kind truck. This cool little semi from Japanese company Sanko is a one-stop-shop for all your non-ethernet connectivity needs. It's a USB hub and a card reader all in one, and it doesn't uglify your desktop like many other combo devices.

What makes this peripheral unique isn't its USB hub capabilites, seeing as there are only 3 ports. Nor is it its card-reading capability, although to be honest, it's compatible with many memory options, at least 13 different formats. Nope, what makes this gadget unique is that it looks more comfortable commanding the Autobots than managing your media.

Ok, the red-and-white scheme isn't exactly standard for Transformer truck commanders, but you can't help but draw the comparison. You can even separate the trailer, which holds the card-reading component, to make it a dedicated USB hub. The truck itself connects to your computer via a USB cable that neatly tucks into its underside.

Now if only had a robot mode, this would be the most awesome USB peripheral ever.

[source: Sanwa via Crunch Gear]