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Sandisk Releases 19nm Flash Chip eMMC Cards

The new semiconductors can be found in the iNAND series of embedded memory products.

Available in three flavors, iNAND, iNAND Ultra and iNAND Extreme, the eMMC cards (spec 4.5) are offered in sizes between 16 GB to 128 GB. The high-end 128 GB devices measures just 12 mm by 16 mm, resulting in a surface area (192 mm2) that is exactly a quarter of that of an SD card (768 mm2). According to Sandisk, the cards will be integrated in Nvidia's Tegra 3 reference designs.

The manufacturer said that the maximum performance delivered by the cards is 45 MB/s sequential write and 100 MB/s read speeds.

  • whyso
    and I thought a 256 MB chip was big in 2004 (those huge sony ones)