Samsung's Smart Windshield Gets Us Closer to Tron

Distracted driving in a car causes accidents; distracted driving on a motorcycle turns people into organ donors. That’s why when you’re riding a motorbike, it’s even more important to have some way of staying connected without putting your life at risk. Samsung's new Smart Windshield looks like a futuristic solution to the problem.

The Samsung Smart Windshield Concept

Samsung’s Smart Windshield is basically a heads-up display made specifically for motorcycles that can relay important info such as turn-by-turn navigation, calls and texts from your phone to your windshield, all without using your hands. It can even respond automatically with messages for those conversations that you really shouldn't have while riding and keep track of all your notifications, too. The windshield has its own dedicated app and connects to your phone over Wi-Fi.

While Samsung says it’s still a concept, the project seems pretty far along. The Smart Windshield looks to be help Samsung expand into the automotive market and would seem to be a logical move that helps create a larger ecosystem to support the electronics giant's smartphone business.

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The Smart Windshield isn’t the first device to try heads-up display for motorcycles, as companies such as BMW and Skully have demoed tech that brings an augmented experience to both bikes and helmets. Based on Samsung’s product video, though, the Smart Windshield looks like one of the simplest to implement, which goes a long way when it comes to making to new features more readily available in the real world.

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