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Samsung Patent Reveals Google Glass Competitor

Previously, there was speculation that Samsung would re-brand Google Glass as the Gear Glass, but a patent has surfaced indicating that the company plans to release its own competing Google Glass hardware instead. The patent was spotted by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, and clearly shows a Glass-like headset.

"This design is of a type [of glasses] with earphones integrated, allowing [users] to take phone calls and listen to music during workouts," the patent filing reveals. Like Glass, the device will have the ability to connect to a smartphone and display notifications on the small eyepiece. The lens is reportedly transparent or translucent.

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The paper didn't provide any additional details regarding the specs, nor did it provide a link to the patent. But as previously stated, there seems to be an emphasis on "sporty." Based on the diagram, the camera will be mounted on the left side instead of the right, and feature earphones that rest within the ear instead of using bone conduction to send audio.

Samsung's specs also appear to have a pull-out microUSB connector so that users can charge the device when not in use. The Gear Glass specs presumably use Bluetooth to pull up information from a connected phone, and to take hands-free calls. The specs even look more sunglasses-like than Google's own solution.

Sources previously said Samsung's wearable tech should make an appearance sometime around April or May of 2014, just months before Google is expected to go commercial with Glass next summer. Whether or not this wearable tech will be limited to specific phones like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is unknown at this point.

As stated earlier this month, it would be unfortunate to see the specs locked to Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch if it's an in-house hardware product. If the company is merely re-selling the Google Glass specs with its own bloatware, then there's a good chance we'll still see the specs locked to Samsung phones. Selling both smartwatch and AR specs to a wider non-Samsung crowd would seemingly bring in additional revenue.

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  • wemakeourfuture
    Samsung innovation strikes again! ...
  • HiTekMuppet
    If it's as stylish and functional like their smartwatch and is priced as reasonably, I'm sold.

    Samsung is blazing another trail while the rest of the industry is waiting to copy Samsung's ideas and get filthy rich doing it.
  • Aaron Briggs
    Samsungs Smart watch is a POS, the whole smart watch ideas is fing stupid. It amazes me how little these tech companies have to be in innovation to get idiots to buy pointless consumer throw away tech to access the same fing boring crap you can already access a million different ways. ugh i hate where tech is going, just copy and paste for the last 6 years i hate it so fing much.
  • HiTekMuppet
    Does one have to end every little bit of sarcastic comment with the lame /s?

    I thought the bit about innovation would give it away. Of course the watch is a comical product, especially at that price point. I'd be surprised if their glass would do any better.
  • halcyon
    Yes, yes, yes, yesssssssss! I think I just had a gadget-gasm.
  • Camikazi
    @wemakeourfuture Is that the same thing you are gonna say when Apple puts out their version of the Google Glass (and they will eventually) or are you gonna say it is innovative and new? Yea, Samsung is doing what Google already did but there is always a first and all others will just be copying and that goes for every industry. Someone always reaches the market first but that doesn't mean they were the first to think it just the first to create it.
  • sylvez
    Google Glass
    Samsung Spectacles
    Microsoft Monocle
    Blackberry Bifocal
    Nokia Nearsights
    HTC Hindsights
  • TwoBridges
    wemakeourfuture , October 25, 2013 10:54 PM
    Samsung innovation strikes again! ...

    Apple only wished it could innovate like Samsung!Now run along iBoy.
  • gh0st
    @ sylvez
    you forgot Apple I-glasses (lol) also you better not come up with a name similar ehem eye-glasses because that will be infringing !
  • caustin582
    Companies can't always be innovators, but the problem is that Samsung is NEVER the innovator. They just wait for their competitors to come up with something juicy then jump on it ASAP. It's a fairly effective business model, but we need to recognize it for what it is.