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Galaxy X Leak Reveals Nasty Surprise

If you're planning to buy Samsung's long-awaited foldable handset at some point in the future, be aware that it might not ship with a feature we've all come to expect in our smartphones.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy X foldable smartphone might not ship with Gorilla Glass, according to ETNews. The report, which cites sources and was earlier discovered by Sammobile, suggests Samsung might have run into technical issues using Gorilla Glass in its foldable handset. And rather than delay it further to get it to work, Samsung has decided to ditch Gorilla Glass entirely.

Corning's Gorilla Glass has quickly become the go-to solution for smartphone makers who want to harden their device's screens and reduce chances of them cracking so easily. Corning regularly releases new versions of Gorilla Glass that all come with harder-to-break properties.

The issue, however, is that Gorilla Glass can be rigid. And in its testing of the technology with the Galaxy X, according to the report, Samsung discovered that the Gorilla Glass' rigid structure made it impossible to fully fold its foldable phone.

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Now, Samsung is looking for a solution. After all, Gorilla Glass is a core component in keeping screens strong. And absent that technology or something similar, you might find a Galaxy X that ships with a screen that's too easy to break.

In looking for that solution, Samsung has turned to a transparent polyimide from Japanese company Sumitomo Chemical, according to the report. The technology won't provide the same level of protection as Gorilla Glass would, but would provide some protection and still allow you to fold the screen with relative ease.

Samsung has been working on its foldable phone for years. Last month, however, the company's mobile chief DJ Koh confirmed that it would finally be unveiled in November at the company's Samsung Developer Conference at Moscone West in California. Samsung is expected to launch the handset early next year.

  • kevinandcougarsdontmix
    Well duh, no glass should be foldable!
  • darkomaledictus
    Seems like that was a given that Gorilla Glass was out... either way still think a foldable phone is a bad idea!