Samsung Galaxy S4 User Guide

Block a Number

Tired of getting unwanted phone calls from pesky telemarketers or your unrelenting ex? If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, you have plenty of options when it comes to blocking people from calling you. From unknown numbers to those that start with specific area codes, you can block individual and groups of numbers to your heart’s desire. Here’s how. — Cherlynn Low

  1. Navigate to Call settings. Swipe down from the home page and tap the gear icon at the top right, then select My Device and Call.
  2. Tap Call Rejection, then hit the arrow next to Auto Reject Mode.
  3. Select “Auto reject numbers” from the options that pop up. If you want to reject all calls at the moment, you can select All Numbers.
  4. Navigate to Auto Reject List back in Call Rejection.
  5. Hit Create. You can enter a number into the field or pull from your Contacts or Call Logs by tapping the icon shaped like a person at the end of the field.
  6. Tap Save at the top right when you’re done.

To block more numbers, just repeat steps 4 to 6. You can also reject numbers from entire cities if you wish. Just enter the area code for that region in Step 5, then select Starts With under the Match Criteria option below the number field. For US numbers, this function workswhether or not you add a “+1″ before the area code.

You can also add numbers to your reject list from your contacts page or call logs. Long-press the number you want to block, then select Add To Reject List.

You can define up to 100 numbers to block, and those that were defined as “Starts With” count as one number.

Now when your object of frustration tries to call you, they will hear one ring, followed by a disconnection sound. Your phone won’t display the call at all, but if you check your call logs, blocked calls show up so you know your S4 is hard at work keeping irritants at bay. A blocked symbol appears below the number to indicate it was rejected.

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