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Review: Buffalo Technology TeraStation

Performance - Read & Gigabit

Figures 15 and 16 show a much different story for read performance between the Link and Tera Stations.

Note that the vertical scale in both figures is reduced by more than an order of magnitude from the write graphs. Caching and buffering isn't really much help for read, so the results more closely reflect the products' innate performances.

The other interesting result from my testing was that the plots produced by the TeraStation's other modes and with gigabit Ethernet connections were pretty uniform, except for one effect. Figures 17 and 18 show that the peak buffered write performance with a gigabit connection is actually lower than with a 100Mbps connection.

Figure 17: TeraStation Write performance - 100Mbps RAID 1 mode
(click image to enlarge)

Peak write performance came in at 191994 kBytes/sec with a 100Mbps network connection and 162358 kBytes/sec @ 1000Mbps. Both peaks came with a 256 kByte file and record size.

The same effect was seen in other TS modes, with the peak speeds varying slightly.