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Creepy Servant Droid Perfect for Halloween

The Uncanny Valley is a strange place indeed. It's that spot occupied by artificial characters that look almost human, but not. Take our old friend Actroid F, for example. While the goal is to climb out of that valley and reach human perfection, others take the opposite route, and go for cartoony figures that, while not totally realistic, can project simple and recognizable emotions, like Wall-E.

Someone in Spain must've missed the memo, because they went over the valley, and past the plateau of cartoon cuteness. The end result is the REEM H2, from PAL Robotics. It doesn't have an eerie silicone face typical of Japanese fem-bots, nor does it sport the almost robotic-puppy-dog adorableness of American models. Instead, it wears a featureless mask more commonly seen on a certain holiday-themed serial killer.

What's interesting is despite the creepy, dehumanized face, the REEM H2 is supposed to be a protocol droid. It can carry luggage, assist bewildered tourists, and whine at the little astromech that they're all going to die. It's even got a little touchscreen on its chest, perfect for giving humans quick access to maps, or maybe give them detailed information on any robot laws they've violated.

Seriously though, if PAL wants to mass-market these droids for public consumption, they have to do something about that mask.

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