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Radiation Briefs Reportedly Block TSA Scanners

While health and privacy concerns surround the TSA’s new body-scanning technology, Rocky Flats Gear thinks it has a product that can protect young women. The Girls Brief Privacy Radiation Blocker promises to keep girls safe from many kinds of radiation and keep their privates, well, private.

Manufacturer Rocky Flats Gear even added a little touch of humor, equipping their 0.11 kg briefs with a fig leaf shield that goes right over the wearer’s groin. The brief fits girls with waists falling between 21 and 27 inches, is proudly made in the USA, and won’t suffer from a trip in the washing machine.

Whether or not this contraption works remains to be seen however. Perhaps we should arrange for a female Best of Media employee to try on a pair for their next flight? They only cost $15.40 after all.