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Queen Guitarist's VR Headset Provides Escape from Reality

Tonight, are you gonna have yourself a real good time, but don't feel like actually leaving the house? Well, Brian May, acclaimed Queen guitarist and prolific astrophysicist (no, really) may have a solution for you.

If you want to break free from the constraints of traditional 2D video, May's new Cardboard-like headset can facilitate stereoscopic 3D on almost any smartphone. But before you order the device, you should be ready — hey, you should be ready for this — for a fairly steep price tag.

He's for every one of us: Brian May and the OWL VR headset. Credit: London Stereoscopic Company

(Image credit: He's for every one of us: Brian May and the OWL VR headset. Credit: London Stereoscopic Company)

May produced a video and a series of photos for The London Stereoscopic Company, with which the rock star has been working to produce innovative 3D products. The peripheral goes by the name of the Owl VR Kit, and it trades one vision for a stereoscopic one. Like the 3DS, the OWL VR Kit produces two nearly identical images, one right next to another, that the human eyes process as a single one with depth. A user views the phone from two lenses, like an old Viewfinder toy. Creating optical illusions is so easy, when you know the rules.

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While the OWL VR Kit is optimized for an iPhone 6 Plus, it should theoretically work with any smartphone. Tablets are probably too large to fit against its polypropylene backing, but if you could pull it off, that would really be a breakthrough.

However, if you were waiting for the hammer to fall, here it is: the system costs £25 ($36.50) with shipping prices that range from £7 ($10.20) to £25, making it potentially too expensive to put Cardboard under pressure just yet. Still, if you want it all, and you want it now, it will indeed ship almost anywhere in the world.

The Owl VR Kit sounds like an experiment that could really rock you, thanks to both its unique configuration and its unusual musical pedigree. If you do pick one up, just take care that you don't rush headlong, out of control into the virtual world. Too much time spent with a screen in front of your face could turn you from a killer queen into a fat-bottomed nerd.

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    Love all the Queen song references! You're so hot, they should call you Mr. Fahrenheit!