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New PS3 Firmware Hacked Within 24Hrs

Since its release, the PS3 has been vigilant in its fight against the mod chip industry and has recently gone through great lengths to protect its integrity. Sony even filed a restraining order against 21-year-old PS3 hacker George Hotz.

Despite Sony's commendable efforts over the past few years, the console hacking community is just as vigilant and has been coming back stronger than ever, as demonstrated by the hasty hacking of the 3.56 firmware released. The person behind this latest hacking is KaKaRoToKS, who was also one of the first hackers to create a custom 3.55 firmware.

With 3.56 quickly hacked, we're expecting to see more updates from Sony in the future as the company and these crafty hackers continue to battle it out for control. Despite the legal action taken on Hotz, we're expecting the hacking community to continue their goal in finally cracking the PS3 for good.