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New PS3 Firmware Hacked Within 24Hrs

Since its release, the PS3 has been vigilant in its fight against the mod chip industry and has recently gone through great lengths to protect its integrity. Sony even filed a restraining order against 21-year-old PS3 hacker George Hotz.

Despite Sony's commendable efforts over the past few years, the console hacking community is just as vigilant and has been coming back stronger than ever, as demonstrated by the hasty hacking of the 3.56 firmware released. The person behind this latest hacking is KaKaRoToKS, who was also one of the first hackers to create a custom 3.55 firmware.

With 3.56 quickly hacked, we're expecting to see more updates from Sony in the future as the company and these crafty hackers continue to battle it out for control. Despite the legal action taken on Hotz, we're expecting the hacking community to continue their goal in finally cracking the PS3 for good.

  • dco
    keep up the good work hackers
  • compton
    Sony, I'm getting tired of updating my PS3's firmware. Either stop the mods or roll with it. Possibly you could just let me use Netflix with out of date firmware. I know that your crusade against firmware hacks is only serving to irritate me, someone who wouldn't chop up their firmware. Meanwhile, you're just giving people a challenge. And pissing me off. How about spending more of your time and effort on first party games that are worth the price of admission? Is that too much to ask?
  • restatement3dofted
    theshonen8899I don't see what is good about this. I play many multiplayer games on my PS3 that I can't play with my PC. Because of these douchebags, I need to update way more frequently just to play my godamn multiplayer games. And for what? Pirating a $60 game? Why not wait for it to be $15? You can't afford it and yet you have a PS3? Because of these guys we have lost Linux and not have to deal with pointless firmware updates. I'm all for cool hacks like Kinect on PC, but this is stupid and pointless. Thanks for the updates you asstards.
    Why do you assume that everyone that's trying to hack the console, or would like to be able to hack the console, is trying to do so to pirate games? Plenty of people want to be able to use their PS3s for the reason they bought it in the first place - as a console that could run Linux.

    Alas, no - what they're doing causes an inconvenience to you, so their motivations must be improper and ill-founded, right? Right.
  • darkchazz
    Good good work hackers, get ready for the NGP.
  • coldmast
    I think it's funny when Sony goes after these "hackers"; it increases the awareness that the PS3 has been cracked, more people want "hacked consoles.

    I'm still upset that Sony pull the plug on letting me run Linux on a a PS3 as they oringinally advertised, if anything these "hackers" are just trying to recover a feature that was illegally taken away.
  • joytech22
    Sony can't beat the hackers, they can release as many updates as they want but no matter what there's always going to be a exploit of some kind, Sony will never be able to make software (well firmware in this case) that is 100% exploit free.

    Give it up Sony, you're just chasing your own tail here.
  • TunaSoda
    I too am also sick of sitting down to watch a Netflix movie just to have to wait for an update to install
  • jalek
    Sony pokes the people who put Linux on the XBox with a stick and doesn't expect this?
    This was one of those "obvious to the casual observer" sort of scenarios they created themselves.
  • jrharbort
    Sony is fighting a losing war here. Every device will have exploits, and hackers will always find them.
  • battlecarrysabot
    sony! you suck. you will never win!! its a battle no one company can win. face it, your multimillion dollar investment; the investment you spent so much money on to protect has had its egg shell cracked wide open. so why continue prosecuting geo hot? even if he wanted to, no one can stop the inevitable. you are just spending money on something that can be crack and released in a day, so why go against them? why not hire them, they seem to be smarter then your dumb-ass crew.