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Boots Recharge Gadgets With Thermoelectricity

We've never had the pleasure of attending this year's Glastonbury Festival. But if we ever make the trip to the Pilton, we may never have to worry about gadget battery life spans.

That's because a partnership between telco Orange and renewable-energy company Gotwind has resulted in the Power Wellies, a pair of rubber boots that generates portable power from thermoelectricity. A bunch of thermoelectric modules embedded into the sole of each boot create electric voltage from temperature differences.

These modules are sandwiched between your warm feet and the cold, dead ground. So the Power Wellies shouldn't have too much difficulty creating some juice for your gadgets. Once the internal batteries have stored enough, the user can then plug in via the cord stored near the top. After all, nothing's more important than broadcasting updates through your phone and taking pictures of the event, right?

Potential applications of the Power Wellies shouldn't be limited to the festival atmosphere however. No doubt the Power Wellies (apparently short for "Wellingtons") would be great for rainy city commuters. So let's wait until Orange comes out with information regarding a general retail release—and hope that the telco is planning such a thing.

Here Comes The Hot Stepper... Orange unveils the Orange Power Wellies

  • Pyroflea
    Umm.. wat?
  • decepticon
    This probably would not work well in very hot climates as the temp difference between the ground and your feet wouldn't be that much.
  • sliem
    Gasp, cute. Ehm. Not safe for work.
  • squiggs77
    Yes, because I always want my gadgets fully charged when I'm trudging through mud.
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    now put it into something I wear more often than these boots. these boots are not used for long trips, and that is when you need this kind of technology.
  • dextermat

    This could be one step forward recycling wasted heat from computer!!!!

    Of course the technology need to be developed
  • afrobacon
    How well do they protect your gadgets from snow?
  • jryan388
    My feet are already cold enough as it is in boots. I don't want to stick them in a refrigerator.
  • anamaniac
    dextermatNice:This could be one step forward recycling wasted heat from computer!!!!Of course the technology need to be developedIn Canada, it's not waste heat. ^_^

    Honestly, these are laughable...
  • BPT747
    I want to see this technology they are using, if it is feasible then I can design a product that is usefull.