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Post Holiday Spending Guide


OK, so imagine for a moment you've survived the holidays with your bottom line intact. In fact, you may have some acquired or leftover holiday cash laying around, and be wondering what you can do with that largesse. Never fear! The intrepid editors at TG are always looking for ways to help you turn your cash into techno-treasures. That's why you'll find a veritable grab-bag of interesting goodies in our post-holiday buyer's guide.

We include also kinds of interesting technology in this guide, some of which you're bound to treasure, and some of which will make you shake your head and wonder why people would want to part with their hard-earned cash for treasures of such oddity and questionable merit. The fun part, of course, is that what is treasure for some will seem like trash to others, and vice-versa. What we can guarantee is an interesting collection of items, some of which are bound to catch your fancy.

You'll find items of interest to golf aficiandos that include a remote controlled vehicle for your golf bag, as well as a super-duper scanner that can find golf balls that the human eye can't (or won't) see. You'll also find a nifty pen-shaped scanning device that goes this genre one or two better than more typical products, and some high-touch, high-style items for your bedroom (an ultra-snazzy alarm clock) or boudoir (a to-die-for wall-mounted CD player). You'll also be able to lock lips with some interesting wine-tasting glasses, use a single AA battery to recharge your iPod (no kidding), switch your barbecue togs to something more military in appearance, and try out an affordable and powerful new media and memory card reader/writer. And just for those who can never have too many (or who never have any) tools, you'll also find a tech-ed up version of an 11-in-1 multitool that not only includes the usual pliers, screwdrivers, and such, but also a nicely packaged USB Flash drive to boot.

Be these items strange, wonderful, or simply irresistible, we think you'll find something to help relieve you of an excesses of cash that may have survived (or arrived during) the holidays. Enjoy what you find, and remember that good ideas can sometimes be whacky, and should always be fun!

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