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Polar's New Shirt Tracks Your Heart Rate and Location

Who needs a GPS watch? Polar's new Team Pro Shirt has both a built-in GPS tracker and a heart rate monitor. While designed for team sports, the shirt, available this March, points to a future where embedded sensors will be much more common for consumer-focused wearables. 

While there are other shirts with sensors woven into the fabric that monitor a wearer's heart rate, the Polar shirt is the first to also have a GPS tracker. As it's meant for team sports, all the information captured by the shirt is relayed from a sensor pod on the athlete's back (just below the neck) to a coach's iPad, from which the coach can keep tabs on multiple individuals simultaneously. 

Ultimately, this technology could trickle down to fitness wearables meant for individual consumers looking for something other than a watch, and something more convenient than a heart rate strap, when the consumers go for a run or a workout.