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How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on PlayStation

You should turn on two-factor authentication on any service that offers it, and now, finally, you can add the extra security to your PlayStation account. A couple of extra seconds before you get to playing Uncharted 4 or No Man's Sky will be worth it to have your data protected. One would think that Sony would have gotten on this much faster following the disastrous 2011 hacking of the PlayStation Network, but either way, it's finally here.

Photo: charnsitr/Shutterstock

Photo: charnsitr/Shutterstock

Here's how to turn on 2FA on your PlayStation account:

1. Go here to start the process.

2. Click "Activate 2-Step Verification."

3. Sign in with your credentials.

4. Click "Edit" next to status.

5. Click "Activate."

6. Click "Continue."

7. Enter your phone number and click "Continue."

8. Enter the verification code sent to your smartphone and click "Verify."

9. Two-step verification will be live on your account.