Teenage Boy Murders Mother Over PlayStation

A tragic story hit the news today about a teenage boy who killed his mother after she took away his PlayStation.

Last November, the day after Thanksgiving, Rashida Anderson and her son 16-year-old son Kendall had a 90-minute argument. Rashida took away his PlayStation as punishment.

After his mother went to bed, Kendall paced for three hours in the South Philadelphia home before he decided to attack his mother in her sleep. He hit her with a claw hammer 20 times. The hammer attack didn't kill her, so Kendall dragged his mother down to the kitchen and tried to cremate her using the oven. When that plan failed, he beat her head with a chair leg and then hid her body under some debris in an alley behind the house.

Philadelphia police homicide Det. Thorsten Lucke read Kendall's statements to a Philadelphia Municipal Court judge: "I couldn't stand the arguing. … If I could, I would not do it again. I really miss my mom … she was the only person who cared for me."

The judge ordered for Kendall to stand trial for murder, possession of an instrument of crime and abuse of corpse.

Source: Philly.com

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  • wribbs
    @anacondor or just the opposite, lol?
    @scook9 completely agree

    Holy Sh*t what a FU'd bastard. 3hours, while asleep, claw hammer!... Then to the oven & finally a chair!... His own MOM! Just OMFG!

    I hope he gets what he deserves. Maybe his ass will be the "playstation" of Cell block D.

    At least that woman can't have any more monsters. sad.
  • helipro
    This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with video games. No game taught him to beat his mother over the head and burn her and try to hide the body. Maybe csi or criminal minds. If this kid raged cause of something like this, there is a great chance he is a sociopath and would have had a similar rage at a later date. His response is evident that it has nothing to do with games, his only reason why he doesnt regret killing his mother is because now no one cares for him. Stop trying to link video games to something it has nothing to do with. He would have done this if his favorite thing to do was eat jello.
  • knekker

    Your so right, if you had better parenting you should know better and not make such insanely stupid post acusing the mother of being responsible for him having psychophysical tendencies, resulting in killing people whenever he doesn't get his way.

    Your the same type of people who believes video games can actually make any people kill others. The truth is some people are like ticking bombs, if they don't kill some one because of video games, or because their video game got taken away from them, they kill some one because someone took his candy, and wouldn't give it back.

    This kid was already a psychopath before his playstation got taken away from him, you cannot blame bad parenting, when he's mentally retarded.

    It is allowed to use your common sense, before posting you know, sigh...
  • Other Comments
  • dogman_1234
    Sick. My mom does get on my nerve, but I would never kill her.
  • qhoa1385
    stupid a-hole
    nothing to comment
    the article says enough
  • anacandor
    Maybe this just proves that video games promote violence...