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It's Official: PS2 is $99 Starting Tomorrow

As previously reported, Sony has reduced the price of its PlayStation 2 console to just $99, cutting the price by nearly 25 percent.

Alright so it’s not $99 -- it’s $99.99 -- but it represents the first time the console has been offered for double digits in the nine years it’s been in production, which is pretty neat in itself. In its twilight years, the PS2’s incredibly ‘long tail’ makes Sony seem like it actually knew what it was talking about when it spouts of on the “ten year life cycle” of its consoles. Sony made it official first on its PlayStation blog.

Yesterday we pointed out that with the PlayStation 2 in last place in console sales, a price cut like this would make sense and today the company boasted the advantage of having such a cheap console on the market, boasting that at this price point, more people than ever will be able to join in on the PS2 fun. In light of the economy, consumers are looking for cheap thrills, and a $99 PS2 will be just the ticket for a lot of them.

The news comes one week after the news of Zeebo -- the Qualcomm-backed $199 console aimed at emerging markets and targeting consumers in Brazil, Russia, India and China who are typically unable to afford the higher-end consoles. The $99 PS2 could raise concerns for Zeebo.

That said Zeebo and Qualcomm also endeavor to rock the digital download platform when it comes to selling games in order to reduce piracy, which is a huge problem in the above markets. We got in touch with Zeebo to ask what this would mean for the future of the console and we'll update when we know more.