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A Hybrid PS3 Controller With Built-In Qwerty Keyboard

The non game-related user interface on video game consoles has never been what one could call 'good'. Consoles were never intended to supplant personal computers, and the result is that as consoles have included more and more non-game features, owners have been forced to access those features in the most unnatural way possible, using a game controller. This means a peripheral designed to tell blocky characters to fire their weapons is also supposed to type, issue commands to a DVD player and browse the internet.

Hyperkin, inc. has released a device that might make using your console's add-on features as easy as playing games for which the console was ostensibly built. It's a PS3 wireless remote that, simply put, looks to completely upend the experience of interfacing with your PlayStation 3. It has retains the standard PS3 buttons, but includes DVD/Blu-ray specific controls, full remote control for your television and most importantly, a fully functional texting-sized keyboard. Just the thing for typing passwords and and sending messages.

It's available on Amazon for a reasonable $29.99, 10 bucks cheaper than the Sony-branded standard controller.