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Everything You Wanted to Know About Pinterest

What Should I Pin?

Any image or video can be pinned, such as motivational sayings that inspire you to work out more, crafts you’d like to try, or gadgets you wish you could buy. Official Pinterest categories include everything from kids, pets, and geek to humor, design, and travel, but their not limited to those categories.

Small businesses and Etsy shops can take note from large retailers and pin their products in hopes of going viral. According to Pinterest, millions of new pins are added every week. Be sure to select the appropriate category for your board as well as write a keyword-filled description for your product.

Blogs can get in on the Pinterest action, too. Help build your platform as an expert in your industry by pinning relevant content. Since most blog posts have an image or an infographic to accompany it, any topic can take a visual form on Pinterest. Pin the image and write the headline underneath the post. It’s just another way, like StumbleUpon, to make content go viral.

“We pin because we feel we know a thing or two about beautiful weddings,” Larson added. “It also helps us establish credibility as tastemakers in the wedding space.”

Remember that you can find many interesting images by simply repinning others’ pins. Browse through the pins of only those you follow, or search by category. Pinterest even includes a handy “Gifts” category that’s organized by dollar amount when you’re searching for a special present for a special someone. To repin, hover over an image within Pinterest until the Repin, Like, and Comment buttons appear. Tag other users in your comments by using the @ symbol and selecting their name from the drop-down menu that appears.

Liking a pin is different from repinning it. Anytime you ‘Like’ something, the activity will appear in your follower’s news feed in the left-hand corner of their Pinterest home page. Your number of likes (which is a live link that will display each and every one) appears on your profile page above your board.

Pinterest users can also create group boards where other users can contribute. Just go to Add>Create a Board>Me + Contributors. Then type a fellow Pinterest user’s name and select him or her from the drop-down menu. A shared board can come in handy if you’re helping to plan a baby shower with a group of people, brainstorming group gift ideas for a friend, or organizing living room ideas with a spouse. 

  • Pinterest is great fun and is growing incredibly fast. A competitor that's improved upon what Pinterest started is MikeLike ( MikeLike has more options for what can be pinned, including pinning boards, which is a great way to keep track of things without rebuilding them yourself.
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