16 Awesome DIY Projects We Saw at Maker Faire

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  • leakingpaint
    Can someone explain picture 14 for me? So it's just a speaker in a can plugged into an audio device like an iPod / similar ? Then the can makes it louder / reverb?
  • Anonymous
    ^^ It's just an amp and a speaker in a can....
  • yuenchien
  • perdeabc
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  • blackns
    what's the name of that magazine that has all the exciting new technology coming out? It would have something like that electroluminescent stuff in it if that helps....
  • marybranscombe
    hi leakingpaint - it's an amp for playing an instrument through rather than a simple speaker for an iPod; an electric guitar or even a slinky becomes audible ;-)
  • Anonymous
    Where can I get some of that "powered wood?"
  • dark_lord69
    Bare Paint would be awesome to use for console mod chip installation for those that don't want to solder wires.