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From Philips: The Most Colorful Room Lighting Ever

Why stick to one boring color, when Philips' LivingColors can add a little more hue to your life?

To be more specific, add more color to your room. LivingColors is a LED lamp that's that can go through the entire color spectrum. Cool blues to warm reds and soothing greens to exciting yellows are all child's play for this lighting fixture.

But what is versatility without control? LivingColors is directed by a handheld remote with a color wheel up top. As the operator slides their finger around the circle, the light responds by modifying its own coloration. With brightness and saturation controls, the user can also revert back to plain white.

The response time as illustrated by this video is pretty good. Even better, LivingColors is already available in Europe and the US, through retail outlets or direct from Amazon. The $190 list price will definitely make casual buyers think twice though.

The projected lifespan of 8 to 10 years, "based on an average use of 1-1/2 hours a day," doesn't exactly inspire confidence as well. Especially since the light only comes with a year's warranty.

LivingColors on Amazon ($190) LivingColors product info (images via Core77)