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Pentax Pays Homage to 70's Giant Robots

We've seen several sides to Japan. There's the ultra-disciplined machines of industry that nearly drove the US out of business back in the 80's. Then there's the manic, brightly-colored side that seems to be heavily inspired by their anime subculture.

While Pentax is a company that's normally associated with the former, this 12-megapixel DSLR is obviously inspired by the latter. Called the Korejanai Robo Model, it's swathed in painfully bright primary colors. Topping the whole thing off is a robot head reminiscent of those giant robot cartoons like Voltron or Mazinger Z.

Pentax is only making a hundred of these super robot cameras, and will be priced about $1,190. Head over to Pentax and pre-order your own if you were addicted to 70's anime.

[source: Pentax(JP) via Wired]