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OMG, FYI, LOL, ♥ Are Real Oxford English Words

Like it or not, the way we converse online has a tremendous influence on our language. There is no better proof of this other than the Oxford English Dictionary's inclusion of the "new words" OMG, LOL and FYI. Believe it or not, even the ♥ made it in.

The three letter "initialisms" were added in the March 2011 update to the online dictionary.OMG, LOL and FYI join other entries such as IMHO, TMI and BFF.

The Oxford English Dictionary notes:

Of course in such a context initialisms are quicker to type than the full forms, and (in the case of text messages, or Twitter, for example) they help to say more in media where there is a limit to a number of characters one may use in a single message. OMG and LOL are found outside of electronic contexts, however; in print, and even in spoken use (see, for example, the 2003 quotation for LOL int.), where there often seems to be a bit more than simple abbreviation going on. The intention is usually to signal an informal, gossipy mode of expression, and perhaps parody the level of unreflective enthusiasm or overstatement that can sometimes appear in online discourse, while at the same time marking oneself as an ‘insider’ au fait with the forms of expression associated with the latest technology.

The heart icon made it in too, but it could be some time before <3 joins it.

  • proofhitter
  • icepick314
    TIL that there is an entry for ♥ in Oxford Dictionary...
  • joytech22
    They should add :D to the dictionary, it has so much meaning like:

    In a multiplayer game, A player is getting owned but smiles in attempt to hide his embarrassment
    In a text, you send the text with a smiley face, something important here.
  • el33t
    how about WTF ?
  • jackiedan
    how about ROFL and STFU?
  • JohnnyLucky
    I thought they were acronymns
  • crinkdude
    how stupid can you get... then we wonder why almost everyone is a retard
  • mauller07
    JohnnyLuckyI thought they were acronymns
    They are acronyms, but there adding them to the dictionary anyway like they did with RSVP and SWALK, shows you how far stupidity goes up the intelligence bracket if people who are supposed to be standardising the English language start adding acronyms to the foray.

    will seriously lulz when they add things like roflcoptergoesschwaschwaschwa. think they need to make a new dictionary. cool face can be its logo.
  • zooted
    IDK MY BFF JILL, seriously WTFBBQ?
  • zak_mckraken
    Where do they class a ♥ symbol alphabetically? At the beginning?