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Oculus Touch Launching Dec. 6 for $199: Should HTC Worry?

After a year of teases, the Oculus Touch is finally ready for prime time. The Oculus Rift-compatible motion controllers will hit stores on Dec. 6 for $199, with pre-orders starting on Oct. 10. The controllers will finally bring Rift into the world of room-scale VR, via a set of optional sensors that you can buy for $79 each.

The final Touch controllers look a lot like the protoypes we've seen at shows this year. Each controller features a small grip, two face buttons, a joystick and a rear trigger. The motion-control gadgets support haptic feedback, which should make your VR shootouts feel strikingly real.

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Oculus Touch will ship with two games: the VR Sports collection, as well as first-person spellcasting game The Unspoken. The controllers will also launch alongside a healthy lineup of motion-enabled titles, including space adventure Lone Echo, over-the-top shooter Robo Recall and the super-quirky Job Simulator. It'll also feature Quill, a dynamic art app that lets you create breathtaking VR paintings.

Buying the Oculus Rift and Touch together will run you $799, which is the same price as the HTC Vive package that's offered its own touch controllers since launch. But motion control isn't the only feature the Rift is borrowing from the Vive this fall — it'll also allow for the same room-scale VR experiences that made the Vive a standout when it launched earlier this year.

However, going room-scale on Rift could prove pricey. Room sensors will be available from Oculus for $79 each, and its unclear how many you'll need to buy to get the same full-room VR experience you get on the $799 HTC Vive.

But if you're an Oculus owner looking for something new to do, the $199 Touch controllers will give you access to what should be a fantastic launch lineup of motion games and apps.

Oculus Avatars.

Oculus Avatars.

Oculus Touch was one of a wealth of new products announced at today's Oculus Connect conference in San Jose, Calif. Oculus Avatars will let you build a VR persona that sticks with you throughout the platform, and the company is working on a dedicated VR web browser. Oculus has even managed to lower the minimum PC specs of its headset, meaning even more people are eligible to dive into the world of Rift.

Facebook teased a concept version of its social network in VR, while also teasing a standalone VR headset. We're currently on the ground at Connect, so stay tuned for more news and hands-on impressions straight from the show floor.