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Nooka's Zub Zayu is an Ambidextrous Watch

Sure, we've seen crazy-looking watches before. It's par for the course when it comes to Japan, where their love for science and inappropriate cartoon pornography blends to create a strange, out-of-the-box sense of fashion. The Zub Zayu's different, though. It's one of the few funky watches that has an underlying, utilitarian purpose.

First off, the trippy part: you won't find a standard analog or digital interface here. What you have to work with is 12 pill-shaped sections to mark off the hours, and two progress bars for the minutes and seconds. Strange, but still a lot more readable than some of the weirder ones we've come across from the Land of the Rising Sun. 

The clue to this chronometer's true purpose lies in its name: Sayu is Japanese for left and right. The Zub Zayu is meant to be worn on either hand without making it look like it's being worn upside down. It has buttons on both ends as well, so you can set the time whether you're a lefty or a rightie.

The Zub Zayu comes in various colors, and is available for pre-order at Nooka's website. Drop by and plunk down $175 if you're a lefty and have a tentacle fetish.

[source: Nooka via Geek Alerts]