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3 LTE-Based Windows Phones Rumored For AT&T in 2012

With CES a mere week away, it makes sense that the various participating companies begin to 'leak' their slate of new tech for 2012. Which is why the report (labeled a rumor by the rest of the tech press world) on Supersite for Windows, posted by Paul Thurrot, that Microsoft will be releasing 3 new LTE phones for AT&T customers in the coming year has the ring of truth to it.

According to Thurrot, the news phones will be exclusive to the U.S. and will see release some time before mid year. The phones will include the Nokia ACE (a step up from Nokia's Lumia 800, running Windows Phone 7), due by March 18, the HTC Radiant, and a new Samsung phone, currently code-named 'Mendel'. Photos of what is rumored to be the Nokia Ace, also rumored to be called the Lumia 900 - first posted on Pocketnow and which you'll see to your right - appeared on Christmas cards sent to certain Microsoft partners last December. Little is known about the Radian or 'Mendel' phones other than that they'll be LTE. Microsoft will be making the official announcement at CES. Tom's will be on the scene and we'll be reporting on everything we see.

  • They need to get them on Verizon, not ATT! They already have decent phones on ATT, and if they just had one on Verizon I would have probably gotten it over my Droid.

    No matter how much better WP7 can be, it can't compare to how awful ATT is.
  • I had ATT for 2 long miserable years, and Verizon is that much better. I am not the only one who feels this way either as Consumer Reports ATT the worst in customer satisfaction while naming Verizon the best in 2011, and 2010.

    Microsoft cannot compete only releasing high end phones on the worst national network.
  • whatisupthere
    soldier37Ha Verizon really that much better, nope. Had AT&T since 2003 never had issues go away troll. ^^I think Verizon coverage is much better. Took a road trip last summer with some friends. 10+ cities on East coast. I always had a good signal with Verizon. My friends with ATT lost data and voice all the time. Just my experience.
  • bigo65
    Not to mention the fact that AT&T's LTE footprint is considerably smaller than Verizon's.
  • house70
    Not too interested in the LTE thing, I hope the phones will be available in non-LTE flavor as well. I would like to try a WP7.5 phone (or maybe WP8 at that point) to see how it compares.
  • 3lackdeath
    With WP7 now having LTE capabilities they should now support verizon, in short the new phones maybe on their network very soon.
  • alextheblue
    house70Not too interested in the LTE thing, I hope the phones will be available in non-LTE flavor as well. I would like to try a WP7.5 phone (or maybe WP8 at that point) to see how it compares.I don't really care about LTE at this point, either. However, if a phone has LTE, you don't need a seperate non-LTE model. The LTE model will still work fine on older networks. Having otherwise-identical 3G/4G models across the board would be a headache for everyone involved.

    So while I don't look at LTE as a must-have feature, if a phone I want happens to have LTE, there's wrong with that. On a side note, I agree with stm1185. I'd like the Nokia Ace or a similar phone to appear on Verizon as well.
  • alyoshka
    The only problem that I found with the WP7.5 has been it's need to stay connected to do every little thing. So data plans and connectivity would be a great move from the providers as long as they kept the prices low and in control.
  • southernshark
    I think when you look at the big picture of the country that ATT has better phone coverage (voice anyway). I lived an Inupiat village for two years and even they had an AT&T tower. No Verizon up there.
  • eddieroolz
    Question is, are these actual LTE phones or just 3.5G rebranded (yet again)?