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3 LTE-Based Windows Phones Rumored For AT&T in 2012

With CES a mere week away, it makes sense that the various participating companies begin to 'leak' their slate of new tech for 2012. Which is why the report (labeled a rumor by the rest of the tech press world) on Supersite for Windows, posted by Paul Thurrot, that Microsoft will be releasing 3 new LTE phones for AT&T customers in the coming year has the ring of truth to it.

According to Thurrot, the news phones will be exclusive to the U.S. and will see release some time before mid year. The phones will include the Nokia ACE (a step up from Nokia's Lumia 800, running Windows Phone 7), due by March 18, the HTC Radiant, and a new Samsung phone, currently code-named 'Mendel'. Photos of what is rumored to be the Nokia Ace, also rumored to be called the Lumia 900 - first posted on Pocketnow and which you'll see to your right - appeared on Christmas cards sent to certain Microsoft partners last December. Little is known about the Radian or 'Mendel' phones other than that they'll be LTE. Microsoft will be making the official announcement at CES. Tom's will be on the scene and we'll be reporting on everything we see.