Nintendo 3DS Sold Out Everywhere: Here Are Your Alternatives

The Nintendo 3DS is almost 6 years old, but it's still one of the hottest gifts for the holidays. So much so, in fact, that it's nearly impossible to buy online. As of this writing, Amazon doesn't have any to sell directly, Best Buy has one model in stock, GameStop and Target are fresh out and Wal-Mart is only promising delivery after Christmas, once it restocks.

So what can you buy the gamer in your life instead?

If you're hell-bent on getting a handheld, there are still options. Your best best is Nintendo's own 2DS. The $80 machine isn't quite as good-looking at the 3DS, but it plays all of the same games, just without the 3D option (and between you and me, the 3D is overrated anyway). This one is almost as scarce, though, as I was only able to find it at Best Buy.

Nintendo 2DS

Don't give up the search just yet. Even though you'll be hard-pressed to find these online, you should also call your local brick and mortar stores to see if they have a 2DS or 3DS in stock. Several sites showed inventory in some stores despite not having them online.

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If you can't find either, but the person you want to get one for has an iPhone, consider getting them an iTunes gift card to put towards Super Mario Run as part of their gift. At least they'll still have some Nintendo in their lives.

If your giftee is open-minded, you could consider getting them a PlayStation Vita, but it's wildly different from a 3DS. While the Vita has some great games, they're mostly pretty niche, and Sony has all but dropped its focus on the system. Besides, the best reason to get a 2DS or 3DS is because of the great games Nintendo makes for it, as well as its legendary back catalog.

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