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FAQs of (Web) Life: An Advice Column

A: Most Internet Users Still Email

Dear Email Forever,

Whoa, Nellie! Settle down. Email is not dead, just like magazines and books aren’t dead – at least not yet. I would chalk this one up to your nephew’s age group and a little naivete--or technological cockiness. People love to overreact when something bigger and better comes along. Technology moves fast, but people move a lot slower. It takes decades for something major like email to fully enter or fully exit our lifestyles.

Kids today grew up with cell phones. Naturally they are much more familiar with texting, and that’s their preferred method of communication. It’s even quicker and easier to use than email. If they’re 13 or older, they’re probably communicating on Facebook, too. Why write an email when you can post directly on someone’s Facebook wall or send a private message? Since Millennials are on Facebook all the time, it often gets a quicker response than an email. Within the past year, even Facebook noticed this change in communication styles and withdrew the subject line from its private messages. Now the social network’s private messages look a lot more like a text conversation and a lot less like an email.

So while keeping in touch may be moving more toward texts and posts, much of the world is still using email, talking on the phone, and gasp – writing letters. My advice? If you want to keep in touch with your nephew, get on Facebook. Now.


Aubre Andrus