MySpace Rears Your Ugly Mug to Win You Back

You can almost hear the cry of "brains!" from the digital zombie, MySpace. The social network recently emailed old photos to some users with the subject line, "Your Photos are Back!" The emailed promised to delivery "the good, the rad, and the what were you thinking..." The goal of this blackmail? To get you to return to MySpace.

The company insists the email was not intended as blackmail, telling Mashable it hopes to simply "re-engage" current and past users. With a library of 15 billion pictures, MySpace certainly has enough ammo to do just that, even if the only motivation for returning is to delete that picture of you sporting terrible hair choices. Facebook has around 250 billion photos.

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MySpace was bought by Specific Media in 2011 and revamped as more of a streaming music service, thanks to the backing of Justin Timberlake. The undead network now emphasizes musician's pages, allowing artists to upload songs and videos. The new look immediately drew 2 million videos and 52 million songs.

There are now more than 31 million monthly visitors, which is down from the site's 100-million user peak back in the day. And since services such as YouTube already own that niche, we're skeptical if this new attempt will move the needle. After all, who remembers their MySpace log in and password anyway?

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