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4 Hot Multimedia Notebooks Reviewed


Here’s our line-up for this round-up (or should we say "grab-bag?")

The brand-new HP Pavilion HDX 9000, a $4,000-plus, top-of-the-line, notebook-cum-desktop replacement with a snazzy, hinged 20.1" display, that weighs in at nearly 18 pounds, including brick and power cords.

Meet The Lineup

In the next four sections that follow, we’ll introduce each of the four notebook PCs, along with some photos to give you some idea about what they look like. We’ll conclude this section with a comprehensive table that sums up all four machines side-by-side, so you can compare speeds and feeds, port, connectors, adapters, and so forth, to your heart’s content. For no better reason than consistency’s sake, we cover the four notebooks in the same order in which they appear in the preceding section, starting with the massive and mighty HP HDX 9000 PC.

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