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Mozilla Delays Firefox 7 Update Due to Add-on Bug

Mozilla stressed that the add-ons and their data are still intact and they are still part of Firefox. The company is working on a fix for the issue and offers users, who are already using Firefox 7, a simple workaround with the help of a separate "Add-on Recovery Tool".

Mozilla did not say when the update for Firefox 7 would become available. According to StatCounter, Firefox 7 holds a browser market share of 4.02 percent today, which means that about 15 percent of Firefox users are affected by the bug.

It is unfortunate for Mozilla that it is being hit with this problem, especially since it is struggling with stabilizing its market share against its rivals and add-on problems such as compatibility with future versions is an emotionally debated issue among loyal Firefox users. There is no way to know how Firefox market share will be impacted by this hiccup, but I don't think it will help Mozilla in its current situation. It really is a minor issue, but Mozilla needs to regain trust and demonstrate that its rapid release process works well. Quality problems is not what Mozilla needs right now.