Mohu Leaf Metro HDTV Antenna Review

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Who's it for?

Those who want the best TV antenna that's both small and cheap that can easily be moved to other locations.

Design and setup: ultralight and exceedingly simple

The $25 (list price) Leaf Metro is so light it actually comes with a couple of pushpins to tack it to a wall or bulletin board (dorm-room denizens take note). The flat antenna is also small enough (11.5 x 3.5 x 0.04 inches) to fit in a briefcase or large purse, making the Metro ideal for a weekend beach getaway or tailgating party. It also includes a generous 10-foot coaxial cable to hook it up to a TV.

Performance: great for the price

This antenna is not amplified, so given its diminutive size, it has a limited 25-mile (40 kilometers) reception range. (Mohu sells amplified antennas as well.)

Nevertheless, the Metro did well in our urban test environment, pulling in 12 channels that we considered watchable. There were soap operas on CBS, NBC and Telemundo; The Avengers on an NBC subchannel; programs for kids on PBS; and cooking shows.

John R. Quain

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