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Finally, You Can Preheat Your Shower From a Phone

Gone are the days of having to test the temperature of your shower by sticking your hand in the stream! Now, you can get that perfect, precise temperature just by using your phone. The Moen U smart shower, which the company showed off at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, lets you heat up the water to an exact temperature, activate presets, and even start the shower from your smartphone. But, you have to pay a lot for a luxury; it starts at $1,160.

How It Works

If you have a lot of money to spend, and are running out of first-world problems, the Moen U is aimed squarely at you. The device allows for presets (either through the smartphone or by pushing a button on the unit) to remember the perfect temperature for each member of your family, and the accompanying iOS and Android app can start up to 12 presets remotely. If you hop off of the treadmill in your basement or roll out of the bed in the morning and want to step in at the perfect temperature, you'll be all set (as long as it's between 60 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which the company says is for user safety. You wouldn't want a hacked smartphone to freeze or scald you).

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Pricing and Availability

A two-valve system will run $1,160, while a four-valve system will cost $2,200, and that's before installation of cables connecting the valve and controller, which will require a plumber. The Moen U is set to release in March.


My current shower is very finicky, so this sounds like an awesome solution. But at more than a thousand dollars—not including installation—for the Moen U, I think I'll stick to the tried-and-true method of sticking my hand in.

Andrew E. Freedman

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