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Star Wars Cleaning Droid Now (Sort of) Real

Anyone remember that little floor-sweeping droid from Star Wars? There's just something about a cute, puppy-like robot scuttling about its business and cleaning up after yours that lowers our usual apprehension of our future mechanized overlords.

There's the Roomba of course, but it's essentially a roboticized vacuum cleaner: good for dust, not so much for spilled coffee. What's a ridiculously rich nerd to do? Why, expand your droid army, of course!

The Mint takes up some of the Roomba's slack: its main weapon in the war against grime is its cleaning pad. It can take a standard cleaning cloth like Swiffer or Pledge Wipes. Stains either wet or dry won't be a problem. It navigates your floors through the use of a "GPS Cube" which ensures it won't ever miss a spot.

So if you want to start off the robot apocalypse on your dirty kitchen floor, don't you think it's high time you gave your robo-vacuum a partner?

[source: Popular Science]