Minecraft Hits Next-Gen Consoles in August

"Minecraft" has set its sights on two new targets in its relentless campaign to become the most ubiquitous video game in the world. This August, both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will play host to the ultra-popular world-builder, offering cheap upgrades for those who already own the game.

The information comes from a blog post at developer Mojang's website. "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition" and "Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition" will hit Xbox Live and PSN, respectively, this August and retail for $20 apiece. Users who already own "Minecraft" on an Xbox 360 or PS3 will be able to pay a $5 upgrade fee instead (provided they go from Xbox 360 to Xbox One or PS3 to PS4). The reduced upgrade fee will be in effect until August 2015.

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"Minecraft" is hardly the most graphically demanding game, but even so, the current-gen consoles can leverage system processing power in a way that last-gen consoles could not. The current-gen versions of "Minecraft" promise improved draw distances and bigger worlds.

Fans who have already constructed massive block kingdoms need not worry about lost progress, either. Users will be able to transfer their files to the new versions of the game, as well as most of their downloaded skins, texture packs and DLC. However, saved files cannot go backward, so once you start playing on your Xbox One or PS4, don't expect to go back and resume progress on your 360 or PS3.

At this time, Mojang has no plans for disc-based releases of "Minecraft" on either of the current-gen systems. "Minecraft" on the PS3 will receive Cross-Buy functionality, however, meaning that users who purchased it on the PS3 can play on the Vita at no extra charge, and vice versa. "Minecraft" will first reach the Vita in August, like its console brethren.

Chances are, you've already played "Minecraft" on some system or other, but either way, you'll be able to check out the blocky simulator on just about any platform you wish come August.

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