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How Small Can Music Players Get?


The new iPod Shuffle could be the smallest media player we've seen - it's the size of a book of matches - especially when you remember that nearly half of it is the clip for attaching it to your pocket, T-shirt or anything else on your person. Now you can get the iPod Shuffle in a range of colors as well as plain silver.

Small and light is great, but is the Shuffle too small? There's no screen, and no direct USB connection, so if you want to see what you're playing and plug directly into a PC, the Samsung YP-U2 might suit you better. This looks like a chunky flash thumb drive - it's bigger than the original iPod Shuffle - but sometimes size isn't everything.

iPod Shuffle

Dimensions1.06" x 1.61" x .43"
Weight0.5 oz
Power SourceInternal Lithium Ion battery
Memory1 GB Flash
PlaybackMP3, MP3 VBR, AAC, Protected AAC, Audible, WAV, AIFF
Screen Orientationn/a
AV Connections3.5 mm headphone jack
InterfacesUSB via dock
Battery Life12 hours

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