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Microsoft Stores Coming This Fall, Near Apple

In the same manner as Walgreens moving into every adjacent street corner of rival pharmacy CVS, Microsoft plans to get up close and personal with Apple by opening Microsoft-specific stores wherever Apple has taken root. Microsoft's chief operating officer Kevin Turner said that the company is looking to win back "Main Street PC and gadget buyers."

The company originally announced its plans back in February, and revealed that it is using a former Wal-Mart Stores Inc. executive to run the chain. According to Reuters, few details have emerged since the original announcement, however a Microsoft spokeswoman said that "there will be scenarios where we have stores in proximity to Apple," and that some stores would open "in the fall timeframe."

Additionally, there was no word if Microsoft plans to import PC components and gadgets straight from China sweatshops to reduce cost as seen in this documentary concerning Wal-Mart.

  • Emusnacks
    I am not sure what this would accomplish. People do not go to Apple in order to look for the cheapest things -- most of them shop at Apple because they really like their products.

    This looks like a case of Microsoft deciding to open stores regardless, so they decided they might as well put them closer to Apple stores.

  • matt87_50
    when it comes to tech, you never go to the manufacture stores anyway (sony stores, apple ect) cause you will more than likely pay more, usually RRP.
  • dingumf
    Well I guess Microsoft is just getting childish now. Fist the laptop commericals and now this. /facepalm
  • Wayoffbase
    This could be a good way for the computer illiterate to get better educated about PCs. Need some 'Microsoft Geniuses' telling people that they really don't need a netbook, that they will be much happier with a much more powerful desktop for less money instead of best buy or fry's employees that don't know or don't care if the customer is happy with their purchase after getting it home.
  • geminireaper
    Dingumf actually Apple started the commerical war. Microsoft just won that war. And its no different than Apple setting up shop in bestbuys and comp usa's equipped complete with Apple Geniuses
  • Sicundercover
    Well MS might import slave labor materials from China, but Apple already does with all the Foxconn motherboards they use.
  • lifelesspoet
    If their new ads are any indication, they will also offer crappy HP laptops in every store.
  • war2k9
    In SF there was a Microsoft Store. MS Closed for a few years now and gave no reasons. Now they plan to reopen the store again, how stupid.
    What is the store going to sell?
  • velo116
    no need for the walmart comment in a hardnews article...
  • the_one111
    They will also be handing out company colored armor and batons for "Debating" with each other.